The Sundial of the South Trials

    LandmarkLocation: South of Al-Aqsa Mosque, thehighest of thesouthernpillars.

    LandmarkLocationrelativetoDome of therock: South of theDome.


    Reason of the name:
    Its name camefromits presence on thesouthernpillars.

    Builder Name: EngineerRushdiImam -Member of theSupremeIslamicCouncil.

    Details of theshape:
    -8 metersabovetheground, andwasdrilled on a marblepiece in a geometricdesignwithfiveunequallengths (100 * 150 cm).
    -It has carvedlinesthatmakeuptheclockandthe time, in additionto a long 25 cm metal columnthatrepresentsthe main identifier in thesundial.

    Additional Information aboutthelandmark:
    -It is located on thesouthernpillarswhichascendfrom Al-Qibli Mosque totheDome of theRock, and it is usedtodeterminethe time of noon.
    -How didpeoplecallforprayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque, in thepast?
    Itwas a commonpractice (untilthemiddle of thelastcentury) thatthemuezzinascendstothe top of theminaret in ordertomake his voicewhencallingforprayerreachabletotheotherregions.
    -Theleadmuezzinusedtogivetheothermuezzinsthesignalusing a flag, sothattheyallcallfortheprayer at thesame time. In 1952, thefirstloudspeakerwasinstalled on Al-Aqsa Mosque’sminaretssotherewasnolonger a needforthemuezzin( whocallsfortheprayer ) torisetotheminaretandthecallfortheprayer.

    An Overview of theLandmark:
    A sundial is a solar clocklocated on top of thesouthernpillars, whichwasused in ancienttimestodeterminetheAsrprayer’s time, since the modern hourswere not common yet. Thismound is abouteightmetershighand has beendrilled on a marblepiece in a distinctivegeometricshapewithfiveunequalribs, inscribedwithlinesrepresentingthehourandits time. In additionto a 25 cm long metal columnrepresentingthe main figure in thesundial. Thesundial is consideredone of theaccurateclocksthatdepend on theconstant sun motion in time calculation.



    Dome of the Rock Sundial

    LandmarkLocation: On oneside of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    LandmarkLocationrelativetoDome of therock: Abovethedome of therock.

    1224 AH 1809 AD.

    Builder Name: MohammedTaher Abu su’ood.

    Additional Information:
    Thesearefound on thesouthwestern of theRock, andareusedtodeterminethe start time of theAsrprayer.

    An Overview of theLandmark:
    It is a solar clocklocated on thesouth-western pole of theDome of theRockthatwasused in theoldtimestodeterminethe start time of theAsrprayer, as the modern hourswere not common yet. Thesundial is one of theaccurateclocksthatdepend on theconstant sun motion in time calculation.